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Pe-Fè Roastery since 1973
Ferrero Peciarolo Torrefazione Caffè Pe-Fè dal 1973


The Pe-Fè Coffee Roastery was born in 1973 from the passion, will and creativity of Ferrero Periarolo, who in a small establishment in the heart of Orte, started to compose the first blends with the will to create a superior quality product and the awareness that a craft laboratory would make the most fragrant and fresh coffee. In 1979, the Pe-Fè Roastery opens a retail outlet, where thanks to Ferrero’s wife Laura first and his children Federico and Federica, more and more customers have the chance to appreciate his blends. These 40 years of experience have served to bring about an excellent knowledge of all the areas of interest linked to coffee and the company’s philosophy hasn’t changed. Federico and Federica have worked along with their father with the same passion and determination to refine the various blends and each stage of the production cycle, with close attention to market development and technological innovations, but always keeping quality and freshness of their artisan coffee in mind.

Federico e Federica Peciarolo Caffè Pe-Fè Chi siamo


Our company wishes to preserve all the characteristics that a crafts laboratory holds, such as freshness and quality of the coffee blends. To assure this, we undertake a continuous and accurate research throughout the production chain and growing emphasis on the latest market requirements.


At the present, our company puts its experience at disposal of other business activities, realizing for them a wide range of customized products, not only relevant to the packaging, but also to the creation of blends, with the aim of offering a unique product with a fair value for money.


Since 1973, our establishment has grown to improve and increase our services, facing the new needs of the foreign market, with which we are dealing today.

Pefe tazzina
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