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The Pe-fè roasting  for 50 years is in charge of creating totally customized coffee lines.

Many years of experience allow us to offer customers, who want an exclusive coffee, a service and a unique product.

Customization starts from the blend that is studied and adapted to the requests of each customer,in addition to the type of cooking that may vary according to the country in which it will be commercialized therefore the finished product will not only be exclusive in packaging but also in taste.

Our range of products to costumize:

  • coffee beans   1 kg package;
  • ground coffee;
  • compatible capsules ( Nespresso, A Modo Mio, Fap);
  • coffee pods.

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selected coffee beans

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Coffee Bean

customizable coffee blends

Private label Caffè Pe-Fè

third parties

The coffee roasting  Pe-fè offers processing for third parties “private label” to those who want to create and market a line under its own brand. It has spent many years selecting high quality raw materials, mixing them according to the customer’s needs and taste, thus creating an exclusive blend and putting its know-how at its service.

We take care of the entire creative process, from coffee production to packaging offering a service “tailored”  designed for each customer.

Peculiarity of an artisan workshop working for third parties is to guide the customer step by step to the realization of its exclusive blend by dressing the product with its own brand.


private label

Roasting:  The blend is made following your expectations trying to respect the right value for money to get a coffee that fully meets your needs.

Product lines: with private label we can provide a wide range of products to leave to you the choice that best suits your needs . We produce for third parties pods ESE 44, capsules compatible with Nespresso and Modo Mio and FAP and packs of 1 kg in grains.

Packaging: we provide our graphic department for the design and realization of the image of your company and your brand.


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